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Afternote LMH Dunkin Donuts Event 8-18-08

one more article & afternote for the Dunkin event

Posted on TVdaily, Reporter Lee EunSung, 2009-08-18
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LMH of 'BOF' said, " My Treasure No. 1 is my family."

At noon on the 18th, LMH who attended 'Barista Open Lecture' held due to the completion of a domestic roasting factory enjoyed meeting his fans after the event was over.

In the fan meeting for an hour, the fans entered into competition for an Espresso machine (coffemaker?) with OX Quiz about LMH. The most puzzled question was' What time did LMH leave home this morning?' But some of the fans got the answer right by answering 'ten o'clock' , which surprised LMH.

LMH finished the fan meeting by saying to his fans, " Thank you for visiting the event. Please give me your continued love."

On the other hand, in the fan meeting where a photo time with fans besides OX Quiz was held for an hour, they had fun.


Maybe because only 35 winners could attend the event, but there were a few afternotes from them. Some of them went there with high expectation but they were frustrated because they had no personal time with LMH such as getting his autograph or shaking his hand.^^ Below is an afternote from the fans who attended the DD event (Loveminho)

LMH arrived at the event hall and greeted the participants. Before the quiz game, LMH had an interview with the participants.

One fan asked LMH, "When can we see your next project?" LMH answered "I'd like to do it within this year"

The quiz time.

It's a kind of survival quiz game.
The first question was "What was LMH's role in 'BOF'? and the second question was "When is LMH's birthday?"

As the questions were too easy for his fans, LMH said "It seems never to finish. I will eliminate half of them" and gave them a quiz, " What time did I leave home this morning?" One fan re-asked "Did you visit your agency or a beauty salon this morning?" "I went to only a beauty salon." The answer was 10 o'clock. So many fans were eliminated from the game.^^

The next question was "When is Jung Ilwoo's birthday? "
The answer was September 9th, 1987. They were surprised that some fans even knew his friend's birthday.

After the quiz time, they had the time to have photos with MH taken.

After all that, five winners who were selected in the first DD scrap event went up to the 3rd floor and had an enjoyable time with the Barista LMH. Some fans in the photos of today's articles are just winners


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