Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barista Lee Min Ho, "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Posted on TVdaily, Reporter Lee EunSung, 2009-08-18
English translated by loveminho.com

Lee Min Ho of BOF attended 'Dunkin Barista Lecture with Customers' and graced the event with his presence.

In the 'Barista Open Lecture' held at the Dunkin' Donuts store in Myungdong, Seoul on August 18th, LMH personally demonstrated how to make coffee talking cheerfully with the customers having been selected by the previous promotion.

LMH seriously listened to the lecture of Professor Kim Young-sik of the Barista Department at BackSuk Culture College.

To the question "Do you like coffee?", LMH answered "I enjoy coffee sometimes when I don't want to sleep " and made the participants laugh by saying "As I'm too much immersed in the lecture, I look serious."

Besides, LMH gave the kind appearance to the participants who came to see him shaking coffees and giving them to the people in person.

And to the question of a participant, "What kind of coffee do you enjoy? LMH answered "I sometimes enjoy 'cafe mocha' and 'espresso' coffee. In fact, I am omnivorous", which made the participants burst out laughing.

Meanwhile, LMH's fan meeting was held for about one hour after the 'Barista Open Lecture'. At the fan meeting, LMH had an interview time with his fans and enjoyed playing various games and events with happier atmosphere than ever.

Especially, in the quiz game providing a free hug with LMH or Dunkin espresso coffeemaker the price of 600 thousand won) as a free gift, the competition among the participants reminding people of a TV quiz program was intense.

Meanwhile, since the press from abroad such as the Japanese as well as the domestic media visited the event, we felt a hot interest in the Korean wave star LMH.

credits: baidu + loveminho.com

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