Saturday, July 04, 2009

TRENDY Mag Interview (MinSun)

HS was prolly asked which scene left the deepest impression on her. She talked about the egg throwing incident.

Q: Everyone's deepest impression so far is the scene where Jandi gave Junpyo a flying/swivel kick. Was that very difficult?

HS: That was done in just one take. Right, PD? (HS cheekily directed the qns to the PD seated below the stage). Actually, it was done by the stunt double (laughs)

[TRENDY's remarks - LMH who overheard it also could not help but laugh. Because the expressions of the 2 stars are so lovable, the audience reacted with screams]

Q: So LMH, which was your most memorable scene?
MH answered it was the pool scene.

Q: then what about the kiss scene? tell us about the kiss scene.
[TRENDY's remarks - when asked this qns, HS was so shy she kept her head down and played with her hands]

MH: There were 8 kiss scenes in total. At first, it was really awkward cos we did not know each other so well. Later in the drama, it became more natural as our chemistry gradually got better.
Hmm, did I just spoil the plot cos since it only just began airing in Taiwan.

[TRENDY's remarks - GHS who initally thought that she had escaped the awkward interview did not expect the questioning on kiss scene to continue. LMH who noticed her shyness remarked jokingly: you are giving the impression that you did not like filming the kiss scenes with me!

HS: As this was the first production that i have so many kiss scenes so it was embarrassing. [she lowers her head shyly again after answering)

qns was on how they'd react if they face parental objection like in the drama. The only interesting part was that interviewer highlighted that MH answered without hesitation that he would elope.

Q: according to sources we hear, GHS can eat alot, more than the F4. Is that true?

[TRENDY - when LMH heard this, he did not 'give face' (means that he did not consider if HS would be embarrassed) and burst out laughing]

HS: Because filming was so stressful, so I ate to counter that stress. It is really true that I ate more than F4. (laughs)

MH: Some people feel tired and will not eat much due to stress. GHS is the opposite. She eats to destress.

credit: shaz@soompi

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