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Goo Hye Sun's dangerous feminine heart (Vogue Taiwan)

Due to her striking performance in Boys Over Flowers, she is once again in the limelight. Vogue proceeded to personally interview goo hye sun, and reveal a different yet true personality of her other than the one on screen.

Seoul. Goo hye sun arrived 5 minutes ahead of the appointed time. She was wearing a black soft leather hat, a black T-shirt, black pants and black boots. Her entirely black outfit appears to help hide her in the crowd, however her white sparkling skin seems to contradict the intention and made her stand out.

She quietly moved through everyone's midst, and entered the filming site, waiting quietly in the dressing room, for the hair stylist. Different from the exuberant optimistic personality of Geum jandi in Boys Over Flowers, everything about her seem to exude a quietness, as if to separate herself from the world.

Goo hye sun's acting career had a drama-like start. Her friends posted her picture on the web and through the support of netizens, led to her being crowned as an Uljjang of 2002, giving a jumpstart to her acting career. She officially debuted as an actress in 2004, after which she has been acting in a production every year "Nonstop 5", "SuhDongyoo", "Pure 19", "Strongest Chilwoo", leading up to the highly popular "Boys Over Flowers". Opinion on her acting are diversed, some applaud her while others don't. However, there's one thing that's certain, and that is Goo hye sun has been thrust into the limelight.

She has experienced happiness that she has never felt through acting. However Goo hye sun says that her problem is there are too many things she'd like to do. Once she starts on something, she's determined to see the end result. While filming "Boys Over Flowers", she started penning her novel "Tango". She would write everyday after filming has wrapped up and sleep only an hour a day. It's tiring, very tiring, at that time, I thought I'm dying, however I couldn't pause. When I urgently need to do something, even if I stop what I'm doing, I wouldn't be able to sleep. She's also involved in movie directing, having personally directed the short film "Cheerful Caretaker" last year. During this year's Busan Asian Short Film Festival, it was nominated into the final round. Recently she's planning her personal art exhibition. Additionally she's also currently working on a record where she writes her own songs. Goo hye sun expresses her deepest self through different avenues of writing scripts, directing, writing novels, drawing, penning lyrics and creating melodies.

On site, Goo hye sun faces the camera, sometimes widening up into a sweet smile, sometimes staring far ahead, revealing various expressions in a short time span. During the break, she resumes back to her quiet self. Her face seem expressionless such that it's hard to guess how she's feeling.

Q:"What would you do if you were to choose Goo hye sun as the main theme of your creation?"
A:I haven't thought about that before. I think I will produce an abstract sketch of my face. It will probably be a comical face. It was rare to see the sudden impishness she expressed in that moment.

This is the other side of the Goo hye sun I met in Seoul, one who is complicated and rich in diversity, different from the Geum Jandi character of "Boys Over Flowers".

I think a perfect woman is one who can face oneself and see the truth/reality, or one who can embrace/pardon her own imperfection. I think only a woman who's willing to embrace and condone her own imperfection is one who be a 100% woman.

Amongst all female characters, my favorite is Scarlett whom Vivien Leigh portrayed in "Gone with the wind". She's not the prim and proper lovable protagonist. However, she's a truthful woman. She truthfully faces herself and reality, and makes a bargain with reality. She may regret, and may feel pitiable. Although she's considered slightly selfish as a female, I think that's what makes her beautiful.

Thinking from an objective point of view (the other person's point of view), and being condoning and understanding has been a habit of mine. Due to that reason, I've never burst into a large temper. If I really can't communicate well with another person, I'll seek the advice of other people since one seizes to be objective when facing off the other party. If others tell me I was in the wrong, I'd give in to the other party.

The biggest obstacle I've experienced is breaking up with my first boyfriend. I couldn't accept it when it happened. I couldn't understand why we had to break up, and why things turned out that way. My mind was full of revenge, full of hatred, I hated him for turning me into such a person. It was truly an unbearable time for me.

However, as time passed, other people came into my life and break-up happened once again. During this repetition, I realized that these things are normal. Every person yearns for love, however the thing which is hardest to possess is another person.
Being free doesn't mean one can do anything as one wishes. I used to think that dating two person at the same time is totally uncondonable. However, I've come to realize that even a betrayal can be understood. Perhaps it's because I've gradually come to understand what men are like..... Therefore the thing that's truly unforgivable is if one destroys another's life on impulse, e.g. murder. Freedom should only be exercised when it does not interfere with others.

I've come to realize that love really has its expression. Not long ago I met a couple who had just gotten hitched. I went singing with them and noticed how they looked at each other. That was the first time I noticed the expression of love, when one person truly truly loves the other person. So this is love...
I've never looked at someone in that way throughout my 26 years.

The greatest challenge is -- marriage. Marriage is a difficult thing for me becoz love or marriage signifies giving up for me. Giving up one's work, one's friends, part of one's life. Life is made up of choices one makes throughout the way. Whenever we choose something, we're bound to give up another. I used to be able to even give up myself for the sake of love. However I don't think I can do it now.

There are still a lot of things that I'd like to do. I'd like to film a long movie about music and I think movies are the best way to express art. I'd like to communicate with the whole world through movies. Goo hye sun's eyes spoke of her dreams. She would like to continue making movies forever. She says that is her greatest dream.

credit: webby@soompi

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