Saturday, July 18, 2009

SS501 showcases their talents in solo songs

SS501, who has just finished holding a concert in Taiwan, has returned to Korea and immediately released their latest album, <2009>. In this new album, each member gets to sing a solo, allowing them to show their talents. In addition, their acting skills can also be compared to in their music videos.

In the album, apart from tailored solo songs, a lot of money was also put into filming the music videos, where they flew all the way to Las Vegas to film it. In Kim Hyun Joong's 30 minute MV, unlike the affectionate Yoon Ji Hoo in , Kim Hyun Joong portrayed an assassin who could not confess his love to the female lead of the MV, displaying his in-depth acting skills.

SS501, who misses Taiwan fans a lot, attended promotional activities for Korea's airport a few days ago. When asked why they were so distant from fans when they arrived at the Taiwan airport wearing sunglasses, group leader Kim Hyun Joong quickly expressed that thinking back at the event makes his heart aches. He explained that they did not expect that there would be so many fans greeting them at the airport, so they were all dumbstruck. They did not know what to do, so they could only obediently follow their staff members out the airport and leave.

As for fans feeling disappointed at the time, member Park Jung Min smiled and said that if he was better prepared, he would definitely have run up to a fan and given her a big hug.

Source : Nownews
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