Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Person You Want To Date Most (Arirang Showbiz Extra Survey)

, surn a vote for the “Person You Want To Date The Most” amongst foreigners, Arirang TV, Entertainment Showbiz Extra, which airs in Korea as well as 188 countries around the world, set up a special poll and TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong got the highest number of votes.

In the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, America and over 60 other countries, more than 3,000 people was questioned for the poll, and Jaejoong got #1 for the “Person You Want To Date The Most” by garnering 24.7% of the votes.

Previously, on a show in China, Hero Jaejoong was selected #1 for the category of “Asia’s Most Beautiful Men” and on a music program in Japan, he was #3 for “Male singer you want as a lover”. These are enough to prove Jaejoong’s status in Asia.

When asked the question, “If you could, which star would you date?”, the popularity of the TVXQ members and the cast of the TV drama “Boys Over Flowers”, cannot be ignored. Second, third and fourth place went to Lee Min Ho (20.2%), Kim Hyun Joong (19.36%) and Kim Bum (18.86%), also proving the popularity of “Boys Over Flowers” in Asia.



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