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Fan Afternotes on Lee Min Ho (and Koo Hye Sun) @ Namsan (07/28/09)

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Yesterday, LMH & KHS were filmed with the Japanese press while moving to several locations such as Teddy Bear Museum, Mt. Nam San, Cable Car station, a restaurant near Han river. LMH had an exclusive interview at the restaurant near the Han river. and MH wore a white shirt and a black vest. I read from several afternotes yesterday that LMH is really kind. He kindly responded the fans' questions or encouragement during the busy day. I am very proud of him. ^^

An afternote from one fan who saw LMH at the Nam san cable car station where GunPyo & Jandi had a first date. (All the afternotes are from DC gall)
I just got back home from Mt. Nam San.

When I heard the message from DC gall that LMH was filming in Mt. Nam San about 2:20, I decided not to go at first because I might arrive after the filming. After 10 minutes, I could not help going to the location to get a glimpse of LMH.

Personally I am a strict driver but today I drove really fast. I tried to park my car in the parking lot near the Namsan cable car station, but the parking lot was full. I am curious why the parking lot was still open in spite of it's being full.

The working man told me, "Here it is full. Please go to another parking lot." But he constantly kept looking above me while giving me the directions .

"What?" "What is behind me?" I turned my head.

A car is coming. " Oh, my god!! "Cadillac Escalade"

That's MH's car. That's why the parking lot was still open in spite of it's being full.

The working man hurried to say to me, "Go out! go!"

'I came here to see MH'
I parked my car in the next parking lot in a hurry and ran quickly to see MH. His car was there but MH wasn't there. A lot of body guards were in the parking lot and I was looking for him.

I heard one body guard say "Take the Escalade key from LMH's mananger" as he was coming down the stairs from the Cable Car Station.

"MH?" I ran up to the Cable Car Station.

"Is LMH there?"

One Korean staff answered "NO, they left here after filming"

"I saw his car. He is here'

"Yes, he is in the waiting room. How did you know ?

That time, the door of the waiting room was opened. First I saw Miss Koo, then another lady and then MH. After a while, they came out of the room. Today's MH look was the same style as he was in Changwon.

It's my first time to see KHS, she is so beautiful. Her face is really white and pure, her eyes are very big as I imagined. Her legs are very thin.

They were filmed play fighting on the stairs for 5 minutes. As they seemed ready to go down to the car, I hurried to go down to his car.

There were some fans in the parking lot, but the body guards strongly restrained the fans from taking photos. So we couldn't take his photos. What a pity!! I have his image only in our mind. After 2 minutes, MH came down to the car with a bright smile. His face was shining but seemed to have some pimples.

His manager sat in the driver seat while MH sat in the back seat of the car. 2 staff girls got in the car. One sat in the front seat and one sat in the next to MH. Wow, next to MH!!! I was jealous of her so much. What good things did she do before so that she could be sitting next to MH.^^

Many staff's cars followed his car. But my car was in the next parking lot, I couldn't follow them anymore. Can you imagine? My mouth extended from ear to ear because I saw MH up close. If I didn't see him there, I would be still looking for him here and there in Mt. Nam San.

An afternote from another fan who saw LMH at the Teddy Bear Museum in Mt. NamSan.
As soon as my friend and me heard the news that MH was having an interview in Mt. Nam San, I ran there without hesitation; Go !! Go!!

When I was driving toward Mt. Nam San, I saw one car which was very familiar to MH's fans.^^

These days there are a lot of 'Cadillac Escalade's here and there, I checked the license plate of the car first, and that was his car. I was pleased to see his car and I kept going to Mt, Nam San tower.

We went up the tower and looked around. There were some noise from one side. I asked the attendant of the Museum, "What happened?" The attendant answered "There will be a filming until 3 :00. You may have some trouble seeing the exhibits. "

We walked around here and there. Suddenly LMH showed up from the exit door. LMH wore the same outfit as in others' afternotes. MH looked like a college freshmen. KHS wore black clothing.

MH moved to another side. So we gave up following him and went to the second exhibition to see Teddy Bears. Suddenly the body guards came in and asked us to get out of the hall. We came out of there, and we were taking photos of each other .

I clearly heard MH's voice among the noise. MH laughed constantly. What made MH laugh so much?^^

We asked one staff from the museum pretending to be clueless, "Is there a filming here?" The staff from the museum, "Yes, there is the filming for BOF. Bla Bla...there is also an interview scheduled.

"Really, Who came here?"

"LMH and KHS were here."

"LMH? "Can we see him?"

LMH and KHS were filmed walking around the museum and had an interview in front of the souvenir shop and lobby.

We waved to LMH when we came in eye contact. He waved to us too. I couldn't close my mouth.

After the interview, MH went down to the basement by taking the elevator. I heard MH is going to a restaurant near the Han River.

Here is the last afternote from another fan who saw LMH at the restaurant near Han river.
We were outside of the restaurant when LMH was having an exclusive interview with Japanese press in the restaurant.

Since I couldn't see MH beyond the window, I walked to back to choose the best place to see MH by using the camera zoom lens. Through my camera, I could see him but not clear.

When MH dropped out of my camera view, I ran to the restaurant again. Oh, MH was in the car. Luckily the car window was opened, we waved to him. He waved to us with a shining smile. We can't express how cool he is!!!!
fan photos of LMH from afar

could this be LMH's Cadillac mentioned by the fan in the afternote or
perhaps something similar to this one

photo credits: baidu/soompi + as labelled

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