Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kim So Eun drops Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Kim So Eun seems to be following the lead of fellow Boys Before Flowers alumni, Kim Bum, as it was announced today that she was dropping out of the movie production of Fourth Period Murder Mystery, co-starring Yoo Seung Ho. Kim Bum had earlier dropped out of the movie production of 71 in favour of SBS drama,Dream and another movie, Flight because of scheduling conflicts.

The real-time high school thriller, Fourth Period Murder Mystery was announced in May with Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Eun as the main leads, while director Shin Dong Yup (100 Days with Mr. Arrogant) directed. 60 - 80% of the filming had already been completed and the movie was set for a July release. But the filming schedule has now been turned upside down, with director Shin Dong Yup leaving the production (presumably due to a lack of funding) and everything will have to be redone.

It was impossible for Kim So Eun to start from scratch again and redo her scenes since it will definitely clash with the filming schedule of her drama, The Man Who Can't Marry which is currently airing on KBS2TV. And faced with the dilemma of being unable to handle both and having to give up on 1, Kim So Eun's side decided on the drama.

According to one of the staff from the movie producution, "Kim So Eun has withdrawn from the movie filming, newbie actress Kang Sora will take over her role. There are no issues between N.O.A. Entertainment and the movie production company over Kim So Eun's withdrawal." There goes Kim So Eun's lead role in a movie and her hard work.

BTS from past filming sessions.

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  1. I'm quite disappointed as I'm looking forward to her new movie. But will still support continue to support her. Currently watch 'The man who can't get married'. By the way, the dog she is holding is really CUTE!