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KHS : EBS Interview

This is the interview of GHS by Lee Hae Young of EBS Cinema ChunGook (Cinema Heaven)
This interview is really powerful in that Lee gets to the guts of GHS where it really hurts!
GHS confirms for me for the second time (the first time from Elle Girl article) that she is not a miracle worker but a goal-driven, creative, hard worker. I thought she wrote her whole full-length screen play after she finished BOF. I thougth how could she??? She had to prepare for the gallery opening and she had to do promotional activities for BOF. However, it seems that she had been planning and working on her full length movie for a long time, for few years in fact. I do not know when she enrolled in her college which is Seoul Art College. However, she knew she wanted to major in PD. I do not think she graduated college yet.
I know that she wrote a script (12 episodes longs) that was rejected by many PD companies until she went to her life-manager, late Jung Seung Hae. However, Jung told her to do a short film and to make it herself. Perhaps that original 12-episode screen play might be her full-length movie to be??? I am sure she worked on it more to perfect it????? In MTV Girls on Top, the PD Hyun who directed her MV for "Yesterday So Different From Today" talked about how GHS is so interested in mystery films that contains logic and reasoning with some psychological twists, remember??? Perhaps talked about it with Director Hyun??? Why not? She works with so many directors and she wants to be a director. Why not learn while earning money too, right??? OF course, I am just guessing here, but it could be.

First pic is of Lee Hae Young in front of the Gallery La Mer in Insadong:
Actor and Director Goo Hye Sun
Making her debut through stirring up "ulzzang syndrome"
Historical and modern TV dramas
Playing various roles so well, her acting skills acknowledged
Author of
Directorial Debut with , invited to be screned at the PIFAN

Below 3rd pix:
Lee: I saw your . Except for acting in it, you pretty much did everything for that short film. Your film also received great reviews. (I also read somewhere--sorry can't remember--that she also worked on the details of the set design.)
Goo: Ahh, you saw it?
Lee: It's a story of one certain church that helps with mercy killing. "Imagination of space" (or maybe the phrase could be interpreted as "twilight zone"???)
You really did a remarkable job. Honestly, I was very jealous. (If I remember correctly, I believe Lee Hae Young is also a director/PD.)

Below 4th pic:
Goo: ahh, really?
Lee: an actress makes short film? a director? On top of that she is not just an actress, but a pretty one.A young and pretty actress directing a film roused lots of jealousy and envy. You know?
Goo: Perhaps not to the point of jealousy. Perhaps you thought, WHY? For what possible reason?? (I just love the way she"reversed" Lee's statement of his jealousy to a question that most people are wondering about her and her new ventures into so many different artisic medium. Lee calls this interview, "the interview of reversal or turn around". I don't quite know why, but I enjoyed the way Goo handled it. Yes, people are wondering, why is Goo doing all this? Why doesn't she just focus on perfecting her acting? Why is she showing off by writing, composing, drawing and directing? Is she trying to prove something to herself and/or to others???)
Lee: Did you feel you have to prove something to people? You felt inadquate for some reason? Why did you do it?

Below 5th pic:
Goo: sighs, I have lots problems and stress..things that I think about often...after a while, these thoughts disappear...they are just thoughts. I somehow did not want to let these daily thoughts of mine disappear. My thoughts and imaginations...imginations and creations...I did not want to lose them. I did not want to reveal them by talking about them but thorugh pictures and images.
Lee: AS you know, this interview has a name. A turn around interview. So what kind of bias and prejudice do you think the audience may have?

Below 6th pic:
Lee: Don;t pick anything too pretty. Think of the worst kind. (Wow, I like this guy! He is making GHS confront her enemies (anti's) and fear head on!)
Goo: Why all of a sudden so much all at once? For me to come this far took a long time with lots of work. But to the audience and viewers out there, they are thinking, how can a mere actress finish a drama, write, draw, compose and direct all at once?
Lee: That is right! Why and how did you do so much all at once? Yea, to us the audience, it is like a water dam broke. Flood of your works, all different kind of works are coming out from everywhere. People are saying you poke your nose into just about anything!

Below 7th pic:
Lee: For example, this place, this gallery is a place where your art work is exhibited. Also, you made a very good short movie. There are more--what are they? A novel! Not a short novel or a colection of short essays, but a long novel! People are asking, who is this person? What is she all about? Why is she doing this all of a sudden??? To stir up more bias, there is only one reason! Through acting, directing and art, you are ever branching out and widening your career field because of one reason of insatiable and unending greed! (Wow! this guy seems to be toughening up GHS' skin for the future anti's! Almost like a boxing lessong for GHS! Or just trying to break her down mercilessly?)

Below 8th pic:
Goo: Rather, I am showing to the audience the sauce or the ingredinets that go into making a movie. I want ot make movies. A movie requires not only actors but also art, music, various images, and more.
Lee: You are talking about making a movie not as an actress but as a producer and director?

Below 9th pic:
Goo: Yes, these are things that I have been preparing, in order to make a movie. As I worked on a movie, I felt the need to compose, to write, to design and draw. Of course, some of these things, I always wanted to do, but mostly it was for a movie. All of a sudden, I had way too much materials left over from preparing and studying to make a movie. I cannot use them all for a movie. I couldn't throw them away. So, I thougt, why not just show them to people first? All these material from my study. I guess that is all.
Lee: I see, so, even your novel fits into that?

Below 10th pic:
Goo: Yes, that's right.
Lee: So, all that work soley to make a movie. But acting is missing. People are questioning if GHS is going to only direct and not act anymore. When are you going to act again?
Goo: For a while, I will still do my best as an actress. Acting has brought me to this spot now and acting is my current job.
Lee: Actually, actors can be a used as target of yearning and admiration but also people can sink these actors by making them into a target of jealousy and envy.

Below 11th pic:
Goo: Yes
Lee: You personally were hurt a great deal through such attacks.
Goo: I could have lived in animosity. Until that happened, I thought to myself that I put in effort and hard work like so many people. I put in so much time and effort. I feel I cannot compare the two. I hope that people won't think so badly...(I really have a hard time understanding what Goo is trying to say here. What does she mean by "comparing the two"--what TWO? What I gather from her hazy statement is that she still has a lot of pain and unsettled issues about people's negativity. Like all of us, she has the vulnerable side where she wants to be loved, not attacked. We think she is strong because one side of her tells herself to, "don't be brainwashed by the society. Live loudly and strong" (from ElleGirl), but, she also has another side that struggles with fears and ill feelings towards her that could come from just about anywhere. What do you think, soompies? I might have translated badly also.)

Below 12th pic:
Lee: So to speak, to them (the critics), you are like a "umchin daughter"="goody, goody, perfect daughter from next door".
Goo: someone from a good family...
Lee: yes
Goo: hahaha
Lee: who grew up without problems or strife in a germ-free and clean environment
Goo: well, that is not the case. My family was not perfect and we were not rich. Plus I am not perfect-looking with perfect body whose acting is perfect. Definitely not even close.
Lee: From the beginning, you were a center of controversy.
Goo: yes
Lee: Along with Park Hanbuyl and Nam Sang Mi, you became an actress because of the "ulzzang status".
Goo: yes

Below 13th pic:
Lee: You did not become an actress like many other actresses who had to pay their dues by going the regular route such as auditioning in various talent recruiting contests or something like that. You got there because you passed being pretty and received so much attention.
Goo: yes, yes, yes..
Lee: So, you have a complex about it, maybe a will to overcome it, must have had strong desire for it,,,

Below 14th pic:
Goo: That complex of course made me want to do an excellent job as an actress. It is embarrassing to stand in the center of that,,,"ulzzang",,,Whever that word is spoken, my name follows. If you break down that word, ulzzang, it just means pretty on the surface. I could not even utter that word. Because of that syndrome, it created a certain societal standard about appearance and moved people towards that aim. I felt deeply apologetic. So, now, I feel sorry,,,
Lee: what do you mean, sorry?

Below 15th pic:
Goo: not because of anything I did. Of course, I was just living my own life. But because it might become a complex for other people,,,
Lee: become a complex?
Goo: Because I was in the center of that syndrome, I felt terribly guilty that I may cause somone to be influenced by it. (OMG! What a burden all these years! She must have hated that show about looking for ulzzangs. She did kind of have a complex about it, didn't she? Poor dear.)

Below 16th pic:
Lee: As we work, we tend to narrow down and specialize. which title do you want to have ultimately? (Wow, what happened to his piercing questions? It seems like he suddenly changed direction of his question. Maybe he felt bad for GHS? Maybe he did not want to bring out more hurt? Is that what he saw from GHS?)
Goo: --that will unite everything!
Lee: I guess it is "umchin daughter!" (hahaha)

Below 17th pic:
Goo: Just because one studies directing, does not make one become a director. To be a PD, you have to know people, you have to know the psychology of people, the nature of society, I have to treat people well, I have to know art, cosmetology (?), music. If I have to narrow everything comes down to movies.
Lee: As the best actor or as the best director?
Goo: Both. Best is best. hahaha
Lee: Her multi-talents that earned her a biased name of "jack of all trade" or "poking her nose into everything",,,

Below 18th pic:
Lee: However, all her work is for one thing only--her passion for making movies. For that one dream. The ambitious actress Goo Hye Sun. I applaud her for her honest hard work.

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( sorry for the mismatch of the pictures thru those eng translation :D)

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  1. I truly admire goo hye sun,her ability to make all her dream's possible,her personality with humility,her simpleness...I will pray for her to excelled all her works with vanity...Goo hye sun u are an inspiration...