Thursday, July 23, 2009

High Cut features Kim So Eun (Open Your Bag Section)

From a lovable high school student in Boys Over Flowers to a mature woman in The Man Who Can’t Marry, the lovely Kim So Eun revealed the items inside her bag for High Cut magazine in their section called Open Your Bag.
Inside the bag, the book “The Clock Device of the Heart” that Kim So Eun received as a gift was found. “I read this whenever we are going to another schedule.” Also, a Canon 400D was inside her bag as well. “On days with nice weather, I like going here and there with my camera to take pictures. I like to take pictures of flowers but I’m upset that I couldn’t do so this year.”

An Ipod that was received as a birthday present from So Eun’s parents was found sporting a pink cover. “There's a bunch of songs in there that I listen to when I read.” There's also a MCM wallet, received as a birthday present during her 3rd year of high school. “It was a gift I gave myself personally on my birthday!”

Inside the bag, it also contained a Gucci key holder. “Isn’t it so cute? It’s an item that I like very much.” Kim So Eun showed a Burberry pouch saying, “It’s a pouch where I put a bunch of makeup in.”

credits: xyiseul, allkpop, as labelled

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