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Posted on Yonhapnews, 2009-07-15

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The Fuji TV’s program 'SMAP X SMAP,' which the F4 members of BOF filmed during their visit to Japan in April, aired on July 13th to record the high program rating of 15.9%.

At that time, the program was not clearly decided if it could be aired or not because one of hosts, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅 剛) , had caused social disturbance in nudity. However, in accordance with his return to the program, it was aired 3 months after the filming.

In the program, F4 introduced themselves and gave special enjoyments while performing comedic appearances as they participated in the section where Katory Singo played the role as an excellent palm reader and counseled other’s problems.

In particular, when Lee Min Ho asked “I am curious about if the Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ could be successful in Japan as well,” Kusanagi Tsuyoshi answered by saying "it will gain great popularity.”

The contents of vod 'SMAP X SMAP'
Blackcow translated it into Korean at DC gallery.
English translated by

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi : Today, who will come here? (asking to Odaiba’s fortune-teller). Today Korean F4 showing up! Big hit dream in Korea. In doing wide publicity in Japan.

LMH : Hello, I am Lee Min Ho.

Singo : So so cute..I want to kiss you

LMH: His lip color scares me^^

Tsuyoshi : He said “no”

Singo : Don’t shortly translate it.

Tsuyoshi : In fact, these handsome guys visit here because they have anxiety.

Singo : Really?

LMH: I am curious about if Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ can be successful in Japan as well.

Singo : Just tell me, “please predict my future”

LMH: Please predict my future (patting fortune-teller on the shoulder)

Singo : More lovely, more softly

LMH: Please predict my future, he he! (cutely)

Singo : Ok~ no choice… give your hand to me

(reading palm) Oh!, I get it. This line on your palm!

It is 3 .

LMH: What does it mean?

(3-shape line means comediic character)

Singo : Your palm is covered with only 2-shape lines

(2-shape line means nice and cool character)

Explain 3-shape line on palm as having humorous personality

Singo : Show your comedic appearance.. Because you are so handsome, 2-shape line is enough well.

(Showing comedic appearance of Lee Min Ho)

Singo : So cute...All people should become your fans right away

( comedic appearance of F3)

Singo : More and more again!

(comedic appearance of Singo)

F4 : Wow! How strong 3-shape line he is!


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