Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kim So Eun for Singles

Kim So-eun trades her usual long, straight locks for a curly mop and a smoky eye in the July issue of Singles.

Inside the magazine, the interview with Kim talks of the roles she’s taken on as a child actor, as well as her breakout role playing Chae Shi-ra’s younger character in the historical series Iron Empress and, of course, by her popularity as Ga-eul in Boys Before Flowers. In the few months since the latter wrapped, Kim So-eun has picked up numerous endorsement deals for brands like Clean and Clear, Pocari Sweat, and Anycall.

Kim So-eun calls herself “lucky” in her roles, talks about studying hard for university entrance (which friends told her was unnecessary since she’s famous), and recounts how she earned the nickname of “Runaway” in high school because she used to always run away whenever a boy she liked would appear.

She currently stars in The Man Who Can’t Get Married, which just began airing yesterday on KBS. The drama pulled in a mere 8% rating on its first day (competitor Queen Seon-deok is holding strong with 27%). Already she is drawing notice for her new role, which differs from her sweet and innocent Ga-eul character; in The Man Who Can’t Get Married, she displays a bright, lively personality with a hint of slyness. (That’s according to the reviews; haven’t seen it for myself yet. Anybody got comments on the drama?)

credits: dramabeans, as labelled

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