Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kim Joon's Theatre Debut

T-Max rapper and Boys Before Flowers actor Kim Joon is making his theater debut: He’s taking on a role in the musical Youthful March [젊음의 행진]

He doesn’t have the lead role, but I’m curious about this nonetheless. Kim Joon’s got experience in the pop-music world but he’s a rapper, not a singer, so perhaps the transition is more of a leap than when other pop vocalists make the jump to musical theater. (Such as: Ok Joo-hyun, Lee Ji-hoon.)

The lead role will alternate between actor-singers Lee Ji-hoon (You’re My Destiny) and Lee Sung-jin(from the musical version of Singles), while the female lead role is double-cast between musical actressesKim Ji-woo and Lee Jung-mi. Kim Joon plays a student teacher.

The musical Youthful March debuted in 2007 and is described as a “jukebox musical” that mixes the popular 1990s manhwa “Yongshimi” with the ’80s music variety program “Youthful March.” (I’m not familiar with either program so I can only speculate, but it seems like the musical is meant to evoke a pleasant sense of nostalgia while updating itself for the modern watcher.)

The plot features the now-33-year-old Yongshimi preparing for a concert, when she runs into her old schoolmate and flashes back to 1991 — and the musical therefore features such old pop hits as Lee Seung-chul’s “Last Concert” (Love this song! Listen below), Kim Gun-mo’s “Excuse” (핑계) , and others.

The musical runs from July 18 through October 25 at Seoul’s Coex Artium.

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