Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kim Joon: Reveals the hardest challenge he faced

The popular star Kim Jun’s perfect acts, singing, entertaining and musical career in “boys over flower” have been called the Korean’s Performance Group next generation of “Perfect Handsome Man”. The “Entertainment Super Star” who rose bit by bits in many of the entertaining show, admitted honestly that he was having a little of “Entertainment Phobia”, that only made his fans cold sweated.

Lately, being the main player of KBS popular show “Invincible Baseball Team”, Kim jun has accepted the interview of media. According to Kim Jun, he says there is very big difference between Acting in drama and attend in Entertainment show, he feel very stressful everytime he attend an entertainment show. “In drama, we just need to self prepare to act according the script given. But in entertainment show, we totally don’t know what will happen in it, many unpredictable things will happen in the filming process, and always need to act stupid to produce the humour scene”.

Besides, Kim Jun also claim that the sudden question that ask by the host is the hardest challenge he faced. He says, “although I tried hard on memorizing the contents prepared, but always has the unpredicted feelings and action when the question is ask in sudden, and makes myself don’t know what to do that time. I always feel stressful everytime filming the entertainment show, and felt powerless after the filming ends.”

Source: Mydaily
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