Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong: ELLE photoshoot

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There is no need for us to introduce this person right? He is our little king (superstar)…. ” Hyun Joong surprised us by walking into the dressing room alone. Before the arrival of the assistants at our studio - he had arrived alone jovially - faced with this situation, we decided to order some beverages for him. With a gentle expression, he settled down and began reading his script proficiently (The filming of SS501’s new MV would take place right after the ELLE photo shoot) One would be filled with many thoughts just by looking at Kim Hyun Joong’s reflection in the mirror. What is this kid thinking of? What are his innermost thoughts? Kim Hyun Joong often looks calm and expressionless; it is as though he is preventing onlookers from guessing what his innermost thoughts are. And yet, he does not look like he is unwilling to share; neither is he the frivolous sort. With perfectly handsome looks (as beautiful as flowers), he sits there….. Kim Hyun Joong, a man with many deep thoughts….

Looking at Kim Hyun Joong, it is simply not enough to just describe him as 4-dimensional. Did he only see the perfect side of life right from the start? Or did he understand our society right from the beginning? By reading his past interviews, understanding the difficulties he faced in his growing up years, and seeing that he stepped out into society at an early age, we know very well that he belongs to the latter category. Due to the success the he has been attaining, he seemed to have developed even greater ambitions.

Tiredness shows up in his deep-set eyes, as he takes a sip of DK drink (Korean’s version of Sprite), “I don’t even know how coffee tastes like.” [I supposed that he is saying that he doesn’t take coffee to keep himself awake].As a soft-drink lover, he is well-suited to be spokesperson for DK drink. “Oh, it was an interesting advertisement to film, I now understand how it feels to advertise for a drink that I like and I worked well with my partner, Park Shin Hye.”

So what does Kim Hyun Joong do usually? “Meet up with friends, we meet almost everyday. I keep in contact with my childhood friends, when we gather together, there would be more than 10 of us; both guys and girls. We meet up, have drinks, and play soccer. We are no longer students, everyone is working now. If one of us opens a shop, everyone would gather together and catch up with one another. I am, definitely not the sort who locks himself up in the training room and disconnects himself from the society. I am someone who knows how to look for fun. Oh, and I do read the news earnestly.” He takes the opportunity to catch up with his friends during this period, as the filming [Boys over Flowers] has ended and SS501 activities have yet to begin.

“SS501 Asia Tour will begin on 1st August, with Korea as the first stop and will continue till next year. We plan to visit a total of eight countries and regions. I am beginning to regain tempo as I prepare for the album and concerts. I have my own methods of self-adjustment. If I exercise your body, my mind would feel good too and I will be in a good mood. Taking a cool drink after perspiring profusely, that’s the best thing to do. Doing a lot of exercise can also help one to lose weight. However due to the filming of BOF, my physique has changed, and I have not managed to return to how I used to look. The filming took place every day for 5 months straight.”

Although it has been a toll on his physical health, the filming [Boys over flowers] is indeed meaningful for Kim Hyun Joong. Taking on the challenge of acting for the first time, through his outstanding performing, Kim Hyun Joong has received much love and support. Of course, this increase in fame and popularity comes at a price; rumours about him have also increased, increasing the need for him to hide behind a mask and to keep his true self away.

With a temperament like his on set, did he receive good response? “It was tough when I first started filming; I was in an unfamiliar environment, and at my wits’ end. It was only after the first month that I began to familiarise myself with everything. However, if it is unfamiliar then it is, if I react to something then so be it, I am just like that. It is not like what the media has said, that I had adjusted myself for acting, and had planned and arranged beforehand to do all these things. I just take anything that comes in my way, just as it is. It would good if things just keep getting better as I approach the age of 30.”

If so who arranged for you to take on the role in the drama? “The president! (of DSP)” and who is the show [audience, I supposed]? “The masses! Hahaha,” he said as he revealed the familiar ‘Flower Boy’ smile

We reached the set of the photo shoot at Han River (Seoul, Korea). Adjustments were made to the set, as the photographer walked swiftly ahead of us, making preparations to start work. It is a fine day with no clouds in the sky, the sun scorched relentlessly on us and Kim Hyun Joong was wearing long sleeves. “So does the ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’ need a straw hat as well?” one of the assistants said in a whisper. Kim Hyun Joong, showed no change in his expression, and with that, he started work.

He received a sudden shock when he switched on the TV [I supposed it is the monitor they use to look at the photos] and saw the photos of an insect that we had taken previously. He hates insects and is afraid of them. A memory of him catching insects at the Han River during his time in middle school; the fried chicken shop that he runs with his friends; his doubt regarding soju-flavoured ice cream; and although his ideal girl is Lee Hyori but when he thinks about his past girlfriend, he figured that an ideal lover is after all – only an ideal….. Kim Hyun Joong shared all these with us amidst laughter as we strolled along Han River for about 10 minutes.

As we proceeded with the shooting of the last scene, Kim Hyun Joong made small mischievous actions while the photographer was not paying attention. We have no idea if it is done to show off his dance moves or to divert everyone’s sight from the scenic Han River onto himself. He reveals a different side of himself with such an act. So what does Kim Hyun Joong want to do as his age increases? “To be honest, after you turn 30, you can’t dance. Even if I can’t dance, I would still be a singer. Just like that, playing the guitar, and drinking (alcohol) with the fans”

credits to SS501 + soompi


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