Thursday, June 11, 2009

Haptic Mission 2: Episode 7

So I guess we finally see why MinHo was doing magic a couple of weeks ago, it was for Haptic Mission. LMH is so goofy! :P
Kim Hyun Joong is so sexy. I love how he sings and dances, but you can see from his face that he is exhausted. Also, its seems that he wore the same tank top from one of his previous performances. I love that on him. He is freakin' gorgeous. (spazzing...XP~)
Kim Joon is good at rapping and it is nice to see Kim Bum again.
Enough of me talking about it, watch it for yourself.(Unfortunately, there are no english subs yet, but you can check iBreathLifeMusic's youtube channel . Its usually up in like a day or so. Also, you can go watch the previous episodes there. I didn't get to post the past episodes since iBreathLifeMusic doesn't allow embedding.)

credits: hoonfami

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  1. Min Ho is so cute. He goes spying on Hyun Joong & Dambi.