Sunday, April 12, 2009

SS501 to Wow Japanese Fans

Hot male quintet SS501 is going to Japan to reignite their career there. This time all five members of the team will be present to wow Japanese fans. SS501 has been working as a trio called Triple S for the past few months, while Kim Hyun-joong was starring in the drama “Boys over Flowers” and Park Jung-min in the musical “Grease.”

The group’s first appearance in Japan will be at an appreciation event for the fans of “Boys over Flowers” at the JCB Hall in Tokyo on April 16. SS501 will appear as guest singers and perform “I’m a Fool” from the original soundtrack of “Boys over Flowers.”

In early May SS501 will go on a two-day trip to Jeju Island with their Japanese fans. A variety of special events are scheduled for the trip, including games, a garden party, and mini concerts. Then the quintet will depart for the U.S. on May 6th to prepare for their second regular album, before returning to Japan to release their second album in Japan titled “All My Love” and hold an event celebrating the album release in Tokyo. SS501 is also planning an Asian tour with stops in Japan, China, and Taiwan in July. It appears the five heartthrobs will be kept pretty busy for the next few months.

source: KBSWorld

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