Monday, April 06, 2009

Kim So Eun & Yoo Seung Ho in a Thriller Film

Rising actors Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers) and Yoo Seung Ho (Unforgettable) have been cast as the leads in a thriller.

Yoo Seung-ho is keeping busy lately. First he has the war movie with Kim Bum and Seung-ri, 71, as well as the currently filming Busan, as well as a role playing the younger counterpart to the king character in upcoming historical drama Queen Seon-deok.Now he teams up with Boys Before Flowers and Empress Cheon-chu’s Kim So-eun.

The real-time film, 4교시 추리영역 , was written and is being directed by Shin Dong Yup (the director of 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant). The story is about students who get entangled in a murder case at their high school and have one hour to find the killer. Kim So Eun’s character works to solve the case using her shrewd reasoning skills and discernment (Like Nancy Drew). Yoo Seung Ho will take on the role of a tough, charismatic rebel.

Although Kim has appeared in a few movies (Voices/Someone Behind You, The Show Must Go On), this is her first time as a lead character. Yoo has two other films to come out in 2009 - Bu.San and 71.

They are expected to begin filming in mid-April in order for the movie to premiere at the end of this summer.

Source: NoCut News via Daum
Credit: KPCulture +dramabeans


  1. Cant they atleast make a movie of SoEulmates? Thats the people wanted to see....

  2. That is 100% correct! We would want to see Kim So Eun and Kim Bum together in a Movie and Drama of their own. No more 1 to 5 minutes scenes. I'm sick of it!

    Don't make Kim So Eun kiss with random actors except Kim Bum.(or hopefully me ^_^)