Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kim Joon & Park Ji Seon on "1 vs 100"

Real-life Woobin and Gag-life Jandi will be pitting against each other in the KBS quiz show “1 vs 100″‘, to be aired on the 14th (Tues), 8.55pm.

In real life, both Kim Joon and Park Ji Seon are considered “academic elite stars” — Kim Joon is currently majoring in Biochemistry in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies while Park Ji Seon graduated with a Bachelor of Education from Korea University.

… wow~ Especially Park Ji Seon, it’s admirable how she chose to be a gagman when her CV (and all those tortuous exams) are no mean joke..

Both of them are the same age, born in 1984. They were specially chosen to appear on “1 vs 100″ to make an “especially tense and exciting episode, worthy of a 100th episode special”…

Source: Daily Economist - Star Today 2009/04/09 +

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  1. wow.. im just noe kim joon is studying in different field of's science!!!
    gosh!! i respect him!!!

    also that girl!!
    it must be fun and enjoyable if she'll be a teacher