Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kim Jung Eun, “Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Min Ho is my college senior”

Aired on March 25 on SBS ‘한밤의 TV연예’, Kim Jung Eun said that she got readmitted in Konkuk University, Faculty of Arts, majoring in Movie as she showed off her 2009 student ID.” “It’s the same as Lee Min Ho’s college, so I’ll be his junior…” she said.

She also mentioned that she would like to see Lee Min Ho, but then though she’s older than him, he’s actually her senior (since he attended first).

Kim Jung Eun added, “Lee Min Ho is part of the reason why I went back to school,” (laughs).

Kim Jung Eun will be attending Konkuk University this year as a freshman, while Lee Min Ho has started attending in 2006, majoring also in Movie at the Konkuk University Art Department. Other celebrities, such as Bae Doona, Hong Su, Park Hye Won and Shinae have also attended this university before.

credit: gracielle@pi

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