Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goo Hye Sun: Explained Issues on Jandi's Branded Goods

In regards to the viewers’ criticisms on her poor girl role in “Boys Before Flowers” covering with branded goods, Goo Hye Sun has made an explanation during a recent interview and stated that “the truth isn’t as such”.

Goo Hye Sun explained : “There were recently some viewers who accused me of using branded products, which does not match with the poor living conditions of Geum Jan Di in the drama. However, the truth isn’t as such. The leather shoes that appeared in the Macau scene was bought from Dong Dae Mun. And it only costs 10 thousand Won per pair. Owing to the story’s needs, we bought two pairs.”

Shortly after the broadcast of the scene where Jan Di broke her shoes, some netizens commented on websites that Jan Di’s shoe was actually a Christian Louboutin, a French brand that costs over a million won in Korea. They proceed to criticize Goo Hye Sun and the team on their lack of consideration for these details.

Goo Hye Sun said: “Although Geum Jan Di is an ordinary girl, but she isn’t a girl from a poor family. The original manga of ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was a product of the 90s, it is adapted into a K-drama only now. Hence, discrepancies between the different eras will definitely be present. Moreover, I would discuss with the coordinators of the team everytime I received props (apparels, shoes etc) from the sponsors, to determine if they fit into the character’s personality and status.”

credit: hanfever

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