Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Episode 25 Preview from KBS

~Update: [Click here to Watch the Finale/Episode 25]

Episode 25 Preview, translated from KBS:

‘The Gu Jun Pyo who I liked, and who loved me, is nowhere to be found.’

Jan Di looks sadly at Jun Pyo who can’t remember her, and secretly leaves behind a lunchbox for him. After Jun Pyo eats the homemade lunch, a piece of his memory returns with difficulty. However, Jan Di’s last hope is snatched away by Yu Mi’s nasty lie.

Ji Hu puts in effort to comfort Jan Di, who is hurt and in despair from Yu Mi taking over the spot at at Jun Pyo’s side. However, Jan Di and Ji Hu are unable to shake their gloom ( 불길함) after witnessing an affectionate moment between Jun Pyo and Yu Mi.

Jan Di and F3 are invited by Yu Mi and Jun Pyo to an unexpected pool party, where they hear a thunderbolt-like announcement….

credit: KPCulture + daum.net

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  1. How annoying girl is this YUMi please get her out of the pool party !!!!!!argggggg!!!