Tuesday, March 31, 2009

as the Boys Over Flowers will end tonight....

I would like to thank all the people who have been visiting my blog and to those who constantly leave a comment (special mention ~ krizzywhizzy, Trisha, Cristy, sok~E, tokidoki, Elizabeth, jan92ice, lai sze, paola, xyra, imelda, dante, liani, muffin, xoxo, anna, paul ~ and to the majority of the gang who leaves comments: "Anonymous" ~ you know who you are.. THANK YOU!) and also to the BOF fans who never forget to leave their messages in the shoutbox (Qistina Shah, rehanah, emy, waney, roxy, azile... ~ how can i ever forget Yinyin? ~ and to all the Guests) ^_^

My Special thanks to Trisha for all the tips! I appreciate them... and of course, to piggy who has a wonderful blog about Korean drama... i just so love your blog!

To all the guests who have bookmarked this blog... thank you so much :)

As Boys over Flowers will finally end... I may not be able to update this blog as often as i did but since I love the main cast of Boys Over Flowers, i will post news and updates about them from time to time...

Once again, Kamsahamnida!


  1. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you've done in your blog, it has everything about Boys Over Flowers, It will be very sad to get to the end, but since you will update your blog from time to time ( pls do so) I wont be so sad I love happy endingsssss so once againg THANKS Hanna !!!

  2. it's really sad that it's the ending already. how i wish boys before flowers would last forever... honestly, i have been visiting this blog every time i online..i seriously love ur blog hannah!! huhu..it's the end already...haihz. how lifelss my life would be without bof...sobs. i'll still visit ur blog as always...=) boys over flowers FOREVER! the best korean drama ever...take care.. and thanks for such a great blog, hannah..^^

  3. hannah... I am so happy that you place your time in updating stories about BOys Before Flowers.. I am so much happy that you could read my comments..
    I hope to see more of your posts whether it BBF..
    Yah its so sad that they no longer continue..
    But I wish to have a movie of BBF.. I know it will hit..
    And A season from KBS..
    Take Care.

  4. Thanks for blogging about this.Good Job!!!
    I found a place where i can share my love and opinion towards BOF.:)

    Hopefully, we will find another show to be obsessed about.

  5. Even though the drama is over, please continue the good job you have been doing and post news about our F4 boys, especially Hyun Joong (Jihu sunbae). Thank you so much for keeping me sane during the drama ;o)

  6. I'm going to miss reading your updates about the drama now that it's over. Thanks for all the work you've done in posting news, interviews, and pictures related to the show and actors!

  7. hannah...i'm glad to be in the credit...
    i love ur site the most~
    i'm so surprised for ur tremendous info bout BOF time by time though u r not korean...
    it's end already~~ but i'll still visit ur blog..
    plz keep updating other info bout the casts..
    i love all F4-jandi-gaeul..
    i hope u'll updating their news and activities..
    specially LMH...hihihihihi..
    btw..next year there'll be season 2~~
    looking forward it....

    hannah...thank u soooooooo much