Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cinderella's Sister Official Soundtrack (OST)

Cinderella's Sister Soundtrack

Cinderella's Sister Soundtrack is composed of 16 songs from various artists. Two versions of "Nae Sarangeul Guhaejwo!", sang by Pinq Toniq were included in the soundtrack.

Cinderella's Sister is a story about Cinderella's wicked sister -- your questions about her past, her present and the life she chose to live can now be answered.

The songs included in the official soundtrack

01. neo animyeon andwae by Yesung
02. bulleobonda (Calling Out) by Krystal, Luna
03. seumail eogein (Smile Again) by Lee Yoon Jong
04. neo yeotdago (It was You) by JM
05. nae sarangeul guhaejwo! (Save my Love) by Pink Toniq
06. sinderellaeonni
07. misojieumyeon
08. bosanoba
09. geuttae geu jarie
10. saranghandamyeon
11. dwitdongsan
12. maineo walcheu
13. neurige geotgi
14. huhoe
15. mojeong
16. nae sarangeul guhaejwo! (Rock Ver.) Pink Toniq

It Has To Be You by Yesung (Super Junior)

Calling Out by Luna, Krystal

Save my Love by Pink Toniq

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