Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally! Our Perfect Kim Hyun Joong Admits to Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyun-joong honestly acknowledged the power of medical practice. 

Kim Hyun-joong who has become a solo singer from group SS501, appeared on the MBC "Murupak Dosa" on the 8th. He brought along the concern, "Everything feels like bubbles" and showed how 4 dimensional he could be. 

Also known as the walking statue, pretty boy Kim Hyun-joong answered, "I will say everything" when MC Kang Ho-dong asked him, "Will you answer everything I ask?" 

Kang Ho-dong asked, "Is the walking statue your own work or a doctor's?"

Kim Hyun-joong replied honestly and threw off the MC, "God gave it to me and the doctor touched it up a little". 

He said, "A rock once hurt my nose. I was watching the neighborhood boys break radios with rocks and got hurt, but while repairing my broken nose I lifted it up a little". 

Source : nate( Korean ) 
Translated by: hancinema
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