Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong: The Most Popular Star in China

SS501's leader and actor Kim Hyun-joong has literally shot Sky High.

According to a survey on a Chinese portal site (, Kim Hyun-joong ranked first in 'the most effective Asian star'. He received 3068 (19.2%) votes. This seems to be because of the MBC drama "Naughty Kiss" which currently started broadcasting in China. Kim Hyun-joong played lead role for the first time in this drama. He was already popular being in the group ss501 but not enough to be in the first place. It proves hallyu dramas still affect China greatly.

Even the ranking from 2~10 shows how strong the popularity of drama actors or idols is. Song Seung-heon from "My Princess" got 1684 (10.5%) votes in second place, and third place was Girl's Generation Yoona with 1259 (7.9%) votes for "You Are My Destiny".

In 4th place came Rain (1190 votes, 7.4%), 5th TVXQ U-Know (1148 votes 7.2%), 6th Park Shin-hye (991 votes 6,2%), 7th Lee Seung-gi (682 votes 4.3%), 8th Superjunior Kim Hee-cheol 600 votes 3.7%), 9th Kim Jeong-hoon (529 votes 3.3%) and 10th Moon Geun-yeong (291 votes 2.5%).

This survey was carried out on a basis of a group of sample surveys that were carried out in representative Chinese portal sites like Sohu, Baidu, Google, and more.

Source : Nate ( Korean ) + Hancinema

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