Thursday, January 13, 2011

Song Seung Hun Hugs Kim Tae Hee

On the episode of MBC’s “My Princess” that aired on January 12th, Song Seung Hun made fangirls’ hearts flutter when he fiercely hugged Kim Tae Hee in a cute scene.
In the episode, Song Seung Hun’s character, Park Hae Young, goes to find Lee Sul (Kim Tae Hee), but since there are so many paparazzis and press around him, he barely has a chance to talk to her.
Hae Young warns Lee Sul, “If a photo is taken of your face right now, your life will get very messed up.”So to protect her, Hae Young hugs Lee Sung and gets both of them out of the crowd.
The press asks him, “Is she a princess?” Hae Young answers, “She’s my woman. She’s still a student, so I want to protect her.”
This scene went on to become the #1 searched item on portal sites.
Even though it looks like he’s trying to choke her out in the screencap, we assure you he only had chivalrous intentions in the drama.

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  1. OMGeee! After BOF, this is my next obsession. i just found this while searching in google... i've read your blog before due to BOF hangover. after months, i ended up on the same blog bec of MP. awesome!