Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zettai Kareshi ~ Absolute Boyfriend

Have you watched Zettai Kareshi?  I've watched this Japanese drama over 2 years ago when I unluckily caught chicken pox. Since I had to stay in my room for 2 weeks, I was able to watch Japanese and Korean dramas for at most 18 hours a day :D Since then, Zettai Kareshi had been one of my favorite dramas. If you haven't watch this. It's time! 

It is a story of a girl who is so unlucky in love. She was chosen by Kronus Haven, a company who  manufactures a Perfect Boyfriend, to test their product. Yes, she actually got the chance to point every characteristics she loves in a man. And after a week, her perfect boyfriend was delivered right at her front door -- however, this boyfriend comes with an instruction manual. :P~

It's a great romantic comedy that can also make you cry. If you want to learn more about this Japanese drama, here's the link --  Zettai Kareshi

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