Monday, November 08, 2010

Kim Hyun-joong will be interviewed by CNN

Even American News Channel CNN is in range of 'Naughty Kiss'.

As the special versions (episodes) of 'Naughty Kiss' is broadcasted via YouTube, many people around the world are going crazy (in a positive way).

CNN's main anchor, Anna Coren will interview Kim Hyun-joong, 'Naughty Kiss' production company's CEO Song Byeong-joon, and Google Korea Seo Hwang-wook on 7th.

She will ask Kim Hyun-joong about the secret of the fame of 'Naughty Kiss', his acting with Jeong So-min and the episodes.

The reason why CNN is so interested in 'Naughty Kiss', is because of the fact that the special version reached 520,000 viewers in 2 days.

Until the 5th, viewers of 'Naughty Kiss' of 1st episode are 768,591, 2nd episode are 438,178. Total channel viewers are 1,756,175.

Comments for these videos are well over 3,400. Not only Korean, but people can find English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and more comments.

'Naughty Kiss' has 'most comments' title in entertainment section currently.

"Naughty Kiss"'s special versions will be released one by one every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday via YouTube at 7 P.M., until the 18th.

Translated by: hanCinema

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