Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lee Minho Official Facebook Fanpage

Lee Minho attracts fans via Official Facebook Page

Korean actor, known for his drama appearances on Boys Over Flower and Personal Taste continues to attract his fans after opening his official Facebook page. According to his agency, Star Haus Entertainment, the page has been attracting fans worldwide with at least 500,000 views.

Korean actor Lee Min-ho is making news for attracting over half a million fans to his official Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/OfficialLeeMinho), according to his agency Starhaus Entertainment.

“We set up an official fan network to prevent social networking piracy for people overseas and it is getting a great response,” said an official at Starhaus, referring to the recent fake Twitter incident that Lee had warned his fans about.

The fake account had reportedly accumulated over 60,000 followers who thought it had been opened up by the actor.

The actor currently has over 540,000 members on his Facebook page, a popular social networking site that connects and enables interaction among Internet users around the world.

Many celebrities nowadays use the site to communicate with their fans; Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio currently has about 296,831 members for his page while the figure for Korean pop group Wonder Girls stands at 241,294.

Lee’s Facebook page features various information about the actor including the films, commercials and various charity campaigns he has taken part in for UNICEF and Good Downloader.

Users’ log-in statistics revealed that most of Lee’s Facebook loyals are composed of fans from overseas, particularly Asia.

While Korean fans only accounted for 3 percent of the membership, a whopping 72 percent of users were known to be from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as Canada and France. The remaining 25 percent of members were from the United States.

Although the members’ communication on Lee’s page are mostly conducted in English, many fans provide translations of comments written in other languages in order to exchange comments about their favorite star.

credits : Ko Jae-wan star@ + Lynn Kim lynn2878@<ⓒ10Asia + gelie@iloveohkpop


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  2. I don't like you Lee Min-ho! You only have a face and can act a little! That's all you can offer your audience! Just a face and a little talent!

  3. you are so so cute .. i love this blog because you are sharing this person's Information.. i love him & his Personality..

  4. Lee Min-ho has the face and can act not just a little because he is a good actor. I love him very much in the Boys over Flowers drama. I am a big big fan and I can't wait for his next project.