Monday, April 05, 2010

Japan & Taiwan fans flew to South Korea to watch ‘Personal Taste’

In order to watch Lee Min Ho in his latest drama ‘Personal Taste’, fans from Japan and Taiwan traveled all the way to South korea.

According to reliable source, more than 20 Japanese and 10 Taiwan fans arrived in South Korea on the 30th March and find a place to live in Seoul.

The reason they came to South Korea is to watch their idol’s MBC TV drama ‘Personal Taste’. The drama started broadcast the 1st and 2nd episode respectively on 31st March and 1st April.

Although they will able to watch the drama anywhere in the world using the internet, but they choose to be in country, South Korea where Lee Min Ho stay in. They take into consideration that at the same time Lee Min Ho will sit in front of the TV watching his drama, in the same country and in the same way, watching the drama along with their idol to create a good memory for them.

Moreover Lee Min Ho’s new drama ‘Personal Taste’ is a hit series after ‘Boys Before Flowers’. Not only in Korea, Asia fans are also having a high expectations for this drama.

...." wah.. i wish.. i wish.. i wish.. i could also go to korea... hehehe ^_^ excited to watch this drama of LMH.. i hope they will also aired it here in our country".... (crossed fingers)... hoping ... hoping... hoping... ^_^

credit : hying@koreanclicks


  1. I saw the Personal Preference/Taste, My gosh! i think Lee Min-Ho's leading lady partner, Son Ye-Jin looks like his older sister, and i don't see any chemistry here. I don't think they are a good couple

  2. The actress here, who plays the leading lady of Lee Min Ho, i don't think looks the same age of Lee Min HO, he is 22 years old, his partner is almost thirty right! What's this TV series, younger brother and older sister romance! Nge! Where's the chemistry?

  3. lee min ho is so cute guy;his eyes so amazing;