Monday, January 04, 2010

LMH's New Year's Resolutions

credits: allkpop

Lee Minho said,

2009 was the best and happiest year of my life. Because of Boys Over Flowers, I received love from fans all over Asia. If I get a new project in 2010, I want it to be more successful than Boys Over Flowers. I also want to be complimented about becoming more mature through my acting.

Lee Minho's been taking a break from acting and thinking seriously about which project he wants to do next. I wouldn't be surprised if this celebrity didn't have time to act in the past year, after the end of Boys Over Flowers because of all the CF's he had to film. But it seems like he will return as an actor in a new drama sometime soon.

He continued,

I am worried about my next project. I will come back to my fans with a very complete project. I want everyone to succeed in everything they want to do. I also want everyone to be healthy.

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