Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goo Hye Sun's short film "Cheerful Caretaker" screened in 3rd China Int'l Film Festival

For the first time after her debut as a director, Goo Hye Sun has been formally invited to the overseas film association.

On December 16th, YG states that Goo Hye Sun has been invited to attend the 3rd China Mobile Film Association which will be held at Shim Chun si Shim Chun University on the 17th and the 18th.

This is her first formal invitation by another country's film association. Her short film will be shown on the 17th and Goo Hye Sun is planning leave for China in time to attend the screening.

Cheerful Caretaker, is a 14 minutes short film personally directed and written by Goo Hye Sun and is a story about human death. National movie lovers have shown much interest in Goo Hye Sun as she showed her film in (by invitation) PUSAN Asia Short Film Festival, Puchon International Film Festival, and Asiana International Short Film Festival.

Goo Hye Sun not only won the Audience Award at the Pusan Asia Short Film Festival but she also directed the trailer for the 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival and has received praise as one of the directors of the future.

credit:susamerica,nate, soompi

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