Friday, November 06, 2009

Latest News on Lee Min Ho's UpComing Fan Meetings (Japan & Taiwan)

Lee Min Ho to Meet Japanese Fans

Lee Min Ho, the star of the hit drama ``Boys Over Flowers,'' is holding his first fan meeting in Japan.

The 22-year-old actor has visited other Asian countries, including Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, for promotional events before, and this time he will meet his Japanese fans at ``Minoz JAPAN First Event'' in Tokyo on Nov. 26.

The event was to be held only once, but with tickets selling out quickly, organizers decided to hold a couple more. Specific dates and venues of the additional events were not confirmed.

Before the actual fan meeting, Lee will also appear on talk shows and mini-concerts during the Korea Entertainment Festival, which will be held at Universal Studios Japan, Nov. 22. On Nov. 25, Lee will attend an autograph event for his first photo essay ``Yeo, Travel with MINHO.''

Lee shot to stardom as the handsome and arrogant Goo Jun-pyo, depicting the Japanese cartoon character with the same dark curls and smile. The drama, along with the cast including Lee, Kim Beom, Kim Hyun-joong and the heroine Ku Hye-sun, captivated fans in Korea and Asia.

Credits : Han Sang-hee, Staff Reporter (, The Korea Times,


Min Ho's Fanmeeting in Taiwan

Date : 15 Dec 2009

time: 8pm

Venue: NTU Sports Centre

ticket price: NT$900/1400/2000/2400/2800/3200/3800

Ticket sales details to be announced .

credits:, + minhi in destiny as labeled

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