Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kim Bum’s New Movie “Flight” Will Be Delayed

We had reported earlier that Kim Bum's new movie, Flight had been slapped with a 19+ rating on the 27th because of extreme violence. It was reported later in the day that the airing of the movie, scheduled for 4th December, will now be delayed.

The target audience for the movie had been targeted at those aged 15 and above. But with the 19+ rating, it will shut the door to potential moviegoers, harming the box-office receipts.

To solve this issue, the movie production company, DDOL film will delay the premiere to 10th December instead, while it files a re-appeal against this decision during this period.

On the night of 27th November, there was a special media preview where lead actor, Kim Bum expressed, "I was kind of stunned when I heard about the rating restriction. Although there are some violent scenes in the movie, they are important and essential to show my character's feelings towards his first love. Ultimately, it's a movie that tells people to not lose hope in the face of adversity. I hope that more people are able to watch this movie."

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