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Boys Over Flowers Episode 7 Making (Press Conference)

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Hi all. Here is the translation of BTS Epi 7. Pls be reminded that this translation is based on Japanese narration and subtitle only. In case of discrepancy with Korean translation, pls use your own discretion.

Part 1

@ 3:59
Text on screen: Ku Hyesun & Minho is talking about something

@ 4:07
MC: Do you think Ku Hyesun and Jandi's characters are similar?

HS: I'm becoming more and more like Jandi.Originally, I'm a very shy person, especially towards strangers but I think little by little I'm becoming more and more like Jandi whom is very cheerful.

MC: In the drama, you are always being bullied by F4 but off-cam have you ever been bullied?

HS spontaneously looked at MH.

MH: Owkk!!

MH gave HS that "why me?" look.

Then both of them laughed.

Narrator: Ku Hyesun-san, please tell us the real story. It's OK.

HS: There wasn't any special incident.

MC: F4 also never bullied you?

MH: Never, right?

HS: Hmm...

HS: I've shot scenes where they pushed me into the sea, thrown hats towards me, showered me with flour, etc. They love extreme was fun.

MC: Among F4, who's the best in bullying people?

HS: I think it's Lee Min Ho-sshi

Narrator: I beg your pardon, Who bullied who? Let me show you the proofs.

Flashbacks from New Caledonia

HS: I think it's Lee Min Ho-shi.

Text: Ku Hyesun with her "innocent" look!

Narrator: Ku Hyesun-san, you really acted like an innocent, didn't you?

@ 7:00
MC: Do Junpyo's and your own character have any similarities?

MH: If I really have Junpyo's character, I think nobody would befriend me. The real me has a very kind personality.

Text: F4 members whom laughed at MH's answer.

MH: That's why at first it was dificult to familiarise myself with Junpyou's obstinacy and badness but as time goes by it becomes easier.

Ku Hyesun-san is very cute but today she looks sexy.

(From my understanding, KHJ was trying to say that HS is cute like a small girl, while Han Chae Young whom is known as a living Barbie doll is very pretty and feminine, but that day, with that dress, GHS can look sexy too.)

Part 2
@ 1:00
Text: Are they continuing their private conversation?
Camera's focusing on whispering and laughing MinSun


I think by this time the BTS producer has already noticed MinSun closeness, how they always drift into their own world whenever they have the chance to. The camera always focus on them. I think we're going to see more MinSun's moments from the future BTSs. And I find it so funny how they keep flashbacking that particular New Caledonia moments.

English Translation from

Brief Summary upon special request and also subject to change due to further editing:

1st video:

about 4:20 - GHS talking about how she has become more JD-like, she has taken on a more cheerful demeanor

about the 5:00 mark (the audio is terrible)- I belive the reporter is asking who she would choose amongst the F4 and she said no one. A bit further along, she mentioned that she is the type of person to have a very simple and comfortable relationship with friends (as in there is no drama, jealousies, etc) and the reporter asked her amongst the F4 actors, who teases her the most (in context of the question that she filmed scnes of being bullied by the F4) and she said LMH.

Then we have the montage of clips of her poking him with a fork, tickling him? in NC (in the NC part, a PD did ask what they were doing and then he teased them by proceeding to imitate what GHS was doing).

In relation to Jujol's translation, this would also explain why we have clips of GHS forking LMH, tickling him? etc to show that it was not the case.

8:30- KHJ describing HCY, first time working with her, how he was nervous. Then describing GHS, how she is cute and she looks sexy as well.

2nd video-

about 4;30- PD asks her who treats her the best and she said that because all of them are so different, they all tret her well in their own ways.

credit: crookshanks_22/,

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