Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Episode 4 BTS

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Starting at 0:28

GHS: (crying)

LMH: Jandi baht, pick it up and eat it!

GHS: I'm not eating that!

Starting at 0:46

LMH: Eat this!

Girl on the side: Throw that away!

GHS: It's all your fault!

Starting at 1:05

GHS: Say "ah!"

LMH: You're going to throw it hard!

GHS: No I won't. I'll throw it like this... Say "ah!" I said say "ah!" Just do it once!

Starting at 1:30

LMH: Oh, that was pretty good!

GHS: You're supposed to catch it and eat it!

Starting at 2:36

LMH: I'm done! Noona, aren't you going to look over the script? I've never seen you look at the script.

GHS: I think I'm better at filming.

LMH: We need to go back to filming. We can't right now because of the rain.

Starting at 3:01

GHS: Do you consider yourself good looking?

LMH: Huh? (Laughing) Give me that camera!

Starting at 3:21

LMH: Do you consider yourself sexy?

GHS: No.

LMH: Do you consider yourself cute?

GHS: No.

LMH: Do you consider yourself pretty?

GHS: No.

LMH: Do you consider yourself [I can't hear what he says here]? Do you just have no thoughts?

GHS squints her eyes at LMH.

Starting at 3:35

LMH: Your face is coming out nice right now.

GHS: Stop it!

LMH: I think I'm better at filming stuff like this.

GHS: Director. Get the director!

Starting at 4:48

GHS: Mr. Making BTS, hello!

LMH: Grandfather Making BTS.

GHS: Mr. Making BTS, have you eaten yet?

Mr: Yes, I have.

GHS: Who do you like the most from among us?

Mr: Don't do this to me!

GHS: Who do you like the most? Show us w/ your camera!

Mr: I like everyone.

LMH: Oh, oh, the camera shot is going that way! It went that way!

GHS: I knew it. You don't have to force yourself to film Jun Pyo.

LMH: I'm hurt/disappointed.

Starting at 5:28

LMH: It's hot. It's winter in Korea, but it's mid-summer here. I feel like I'm riding that thing in amusement parks.

GHS: Am I first then? Why am I second? Why am I last?

KB: But he still only films you, noona. When you rewind everything he's shot so far, it's all Jandi and Ga Eul. And the two foreign women. Wow, I was shocked!

KJ: I didn't think you would do this to us!

KB: I thought there would be a separate tape for us, but that wasn't the case either!

KJ: I didn't think you would be like that!

KB: Even the interview question is random. "How do you feel today?"

Mr: Are you having fun?

KB: Yeah, having fun.

GHS: Just film me alone. Bum, if you're next to me, you'll get filmed too.

KB: Really?

GHS: Come here. Jun oppa, you too!

KJ: No, I'm not going.

KB: It's not that I want to be filmed. This is just my seat.

GHS: Jun Pyo, you too will be filmed if you sit next to me. (Pause) He's insolent.

LMH: Insolent.

GHS: When noona is talking...

LMH: Get off now! I rented this train


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