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MNET Japan Making of BOF Episode 2

English Translation from jujol@soompi.com:

Here I come...hehheh. The audio was indeed terrible. I was also having difficulties in hearing who says this, who says that. Btw, pls be informed that the translation below is totally based on the japanese subtitle. And I only translated the parts which' re related to MinSun and which I found interesting.


From 2:09
Reporter/ staff: How do you feel being surrounded by pretty (hot) guys?

Reporter/ staff: : Who is your choice? 1 of the F4 : Please be honest

HS : Wait...…

MH : I won't give any pressures to you.

MH : I'm looking at another direction now, (so, no pressure).

One of the F3 : I am also looking at another direction (so, no pressure).

XX : If you took so much time to answer, they will cut (as in filming) it.

XX : Don't take so much time.

HS : I thought I just want to pass the question, but they keep asking...…

Staff/ reporter: What did you feel when you were selected?

HS: Eh?

Staff/ reporter: When you were selected as a heroine in a drama which fulls of pretty (hot) guys...
KB: She's having trouble in giving the answer but...I can't do anything to help.

MH: Hahaha..

KJ: Let's pretend that we are not here.

MH: I don't know what are noona's thoughts (so I can't help).

HS: I just thought it'd be fun and interesting. They are (F4) very fun to be with and they are very close with each other. It's only me who they don't be friendly with. Hahaha. I'm just kidding. Because we are close to each other like this, I think we can make a fun drama.

Staff/ reporter: Among this group, do you have your ideal type?
(After the reporter asked this question, HS turned around and looked directly at MH, (MH also looked at HS!!) then she briefly looked at KB, KJ and lastly KHJ. If I'm not mistaken I heard the reporter/ staff saying "Ohkk!!", as if she was surprised with something.)

Staff/ reporter: If looking at your eyes....
(I think, please correct me if I'm wrong, the reporter was trying to say that according to HS's eyes, because she was looking at MH first, seemed like MH was HS's ideal type***. But, before the staff/reporter could finish his/her sentence, MH suddenly open his mouth and said "it's really a troublesome question". He sounded so defensive to me. To me, he seemed like trying to gloss over HS's unguarded-reflexive-response.).

MH: It's really a troublesome question (Didn't he sound so defensive here? And he repeated the same sentence one more time. You can hear he said "chongmal..", "chinca.." (really..).

KB: It's a bully.

HS: Each of them has their own charms. If I can take one from here, one from there and gather it, it will be my ideal type.

XX: You skilfully escaped from answering the question.

KB: Just like what is written in the text books.

KHJ: Then we have to pull out our eyes, nose and mouth and assemble it.

MH: Who it will become?

HS: Because each of them has their own attractiveness...…

Staff/ reporter: Please choose one.

One of the F4: Why my name is not nominated?

From 5:32

MH: Do you wear tights/ leggings under that? You also wear t-shirts inside right? You really wear a lot of layers of clothes, aren't you?

HS said something but was not translated.


At 2:40 MH offered his seat to HS upon seeing HS coming in.

MH: Sit here.

MH: Please sit down.

(But HS ignored him. Maybe she didn't want others to notice MH's extra attention for her )

*** At 0:18, the reporter asked F4, who's the most handsome among them. She asked each one of them to give an answer. MH chose to speak first.

MH: Handsome guy?

Reporter: Yes, handsome guy.

MH: Aaaa...

Then MH looked at KB first, then he looked at KHJ.Then MH said..

MH: The youngest KB is very handsome while Joon-shi is thoughtful.

[ What I'm trying to say is...This scenario and the above scenario are similar. When MH asked who's the most handsome among them, he looked at KB first, then looked at the rest. Then, eventually he said that KB is very handsome.

So, in HS's scenario, because she looked at MH first before looking at the others when she was asked who's her ideal type, her reflexive non-verbal/body language response implied that MH is/was her ideal type...don't you think so?]

credits: meow13/jujol@soompi.com, meow13131313@youtube.com

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