Thursday, October 15, 2009

MinSun Near Yet So Far at PIFF?

All the while I though Goo Hye Sun was nowhere to be found near
Lee Min Ho when i found this photo on the night of PIFF.
Lee Min Ho was seated in front of the actor who acted as
Kim Bum's brother in BOF.
However, these photos posted by webby proved me wrong..
Goo Hye Sun was actuallyseated one row behind Lee Min Ho.

In this photo, Goo Hye Sun is seated one seat away from Kim Bum's "BOF brother".
So is Goo Hye Sun stealing a glance at Lee Min Ho's direction?
I certainly hope so... :P

Now seeing the seating arrangement in the 2 latest photos and scrutinizing the first one I previously posted here (1st photo bove), I wonder if the lady in white who's pointing her finger to her cheek is Goo Hye Sun. I can hardly see her black fedora hat and the facial expression is hardly recognizable as Goo Hye Sun's but looks like she's seated exactly where Goo Hye Sun was based on the 3rd photo.

credits: webby@soompi baidu + as labeled

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  1. I don't think that Goo Hye Sun is the girl in the first picture. Looks like the girl is seated one row behind where Goo Hye Sun is supposed to be seated. In the second picture, you can see Hye Sun (left side).