Wednesday, October 07, 2009

MinSun @ ChouChou Magazine Photoshoot

The MinSun moments that we've truly missed...

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

Minho & Hyesun did a photoshoot for chouchou magazine, which will be published on Oct 22

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Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho are talking about food and places that they like to go in Korea. LMH is talking about food like ice cream, ice cafe mocha and places like Yang Pyung and Chung Pyung for church, leisure sports, a one pretty cafe there and for shopping.

Hey, if I am assuming correctly (since I cannot read Japanese), he also seems to like sweets as GHS does. GHS seems say anything to LMH even if it may be hurtful. She looks at several of LMH's pictures and tells him, "yah, your face looks like it is about to burst,,they say your face gained lot of weight,,oh you pig".

agrees with her but does not look very happy. GHS must still feel so comfortable with LMH to say such a thing in front of camera, but I wonder if LMH would say similar things like that to her??? Well, we have to admit that GHS is not perfectly polite and nice all the time. I am fine with that.

(ADD): You know what? It is possible that she is getting back and LMH and maybe we may see it with KHJ also if we ever see them together in a vid clip again. She may be getting back at these F2 for suggesting in BOF BTS that she was too heavy to be carried and held. hahaha

GHS asks Japanese female audience to come to Korea where there are lots of places to eat delicious food. Although people may think it gross, she especially recommends "Gop Chang" which is the intestines of cow or sheep, She really likes Gop Chang herself and supposedly Gop Chang has lots of "collagen" or what Japanese women refer to as "hormone" for the skin.

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  1. So cute and so obviously in love...HyeSun so shy to show her love. But MinHo openly showed his adoring love to her for the world to see...Yippeee... Minsun Fighting...When are they going to tell us that they're dating??? Can't waittt...