Friday, October 02, 2009

Lee Minho Wishes Everyone A Happy Chuseok

Posted on Newsen, Reporter Yun HyunJin, 2009-10-01
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Actor LMH greeted all of his fans for the Korea's biggest holiday festival " Chuseok', Korean Thanksgiving Day(Mid-Autumn Festival).

LMH, dressed up in pretty purple-color Korean traditional cloths, made a big smile that was different from 'BOF' Gu JunPyo's, and made a deep bow, saying "Hope you all may have great and warm Chuseok."

Asked about the Korean traditional cloths, he transferred his thought that "This is first time to wear Korean traditional cloths since I made greetings in last New Year holiday. The color, pattern and fabric are all too good and nice, so it makes my action and attitude more calm. In this holiday, I'd like to enjoy it with my family in these cloths."

Recently, LMH has emerged as an Asian star who published his single photo book 'Travel with MINHO' and is called as 'Sell-out man' or 'Sold-out man' after the ticket for his single event to be held in Japan was completely sold out. He talked about his recent activities that "Thank you very much for the concerns and supports. I am considering next works carefully now. It is not determined yet, but I would like to meet you in a good work as soon as possible. I am now concentrating on foreign language and acting that I think insufficient."

MINSUN in Hanbok for Chuseok Holiday, pinkfairy/pi_pewLMH/

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