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It's Confirmed! Gallery CAFE "Manolin" is Goo Hye Sun's

English Translation from susamerica@soompi.com:

Headline: 구혜선, 신예 작가 위한 갤러리 '마놀린' 오픈

Headline: Goo Hye Sun opens Gallery "Manolin" for the new artists

김수진 기자 | 2009/10/13 11:28 | 조회 234==Reporter Kim Soo Jin on October 13th, 2009

'팔방미인' 구혜선이 갤러리를 오픈해 눈길을 끈다.
All-around-beautiful Goo Hye Sun has opened a gallery and is attracting attention.

구혜선은 최근 서울 방배동 서래마을에 갤러리 '마놀린'을 열고 자신의 작품을 전시해 대중과 소통하고 있다.
GHS has recently opened her Gallery Manolin in Seoul, Bang Bae Dong, Suh Rae Village (Mah Eul) and is currently exhibiting her art works and she herself is greeting/communicating with the public at this time.

구혜선 소속사 관계자는 13일 "구혜선이 보다 많은 대중과 소통하고자 갤러리 '마놀린'을 오픈하게 됐다"고 밝히며 "현재 '마놀린'에는 구혜선이 직접 작업한 작품이 전시되어 있다"고 말했다.
GHS's agency reported on the 13th that, "In order to truly communicate with even more people, GHS has opened Gallery Manolin and is showing her own art work at this time."

더불어 구혜선은 전시의 기회가 어려운 신예작자들과 무명작가들을 최저비용 내지 무료로 '마놀린'을 대관할 계획이다.
In addition, GHS wants to provide the opportunity for the economically disadvantaged, new and unknown artists to showcase their work through Gallery Manolin either free of charge or with a minimum fee.

구 혜선은 단편영화 '유쾌한 도우미'를 연출하며 영화감독으로 인정받았으며, 장편 영화 감독에 도전했다. 또한 20대 여성의 사랑을 그린 창작소설 '탱고'를 출간, 소설가로도 성공적인 데뷔를 했다. 그는 또 '탱고'에 삽입된 자신의 일러스트를 모아 전시회를 여는 등 화가로도 호평받았다. 더불어 구혜선은 최근 앨범을 발매, 뮤지션으로도 역량을 과시했다. (This paragraph lists all her accomplishments so far and we all know them already.)

OMG, she continues to make me feel so good and so proud to call myself her ardent fan! She once said in the Literature with Voice program that, "If GHS can do it, anyone can do it!" She must have felt when she spoke her intentionally encouraging words that those words could also bring so much discouragement to many who do not have the suppport to back them up. Well, wouldn't you know it!!! There is NO shred of hypocrisy or haughtiness in her words now, is there!!! She designed a place to support and further give hope to those artists who really need a chance to make their dream a reality. Bravo, GHS!!!

credits: nina67/susamerica@soompi.com

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