Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goo Hye Sun's Artworks on Display at Gallery CAFÉ Manolin


For anyone who is in or will go to Seoul, Korea and want to visit the cafe, here is the following information:

Name: Cafe Manolin (마놀린)

Address: 서울시 (Seoul sshhi) 반포동 (Ban Po Dong- neighborhood) 서래마을 (Seo reh mah eur) 107-28번지

Phonenumber for any inquiries: (02) 599-8845~6


Soompies, please visit the blog that mintcar found. It introduces the Manolin Gallery Cafe in Seoul. The first floor is an art gallery and currently exhibiting GHS art. It hopes to show more and different artists' work. It only recently opened its doors to the public. GHS was there to show the place to the blogger and the entire interior was designed by GHS herself!

Right now it serves cofee and tea and dessert but is planning to expand its menu and supposedly the price is right that the blogger wants to return many time more for the taste, beauty and the atmosphere of the place and the art . People in DCinside are saying that the cafe actually may belong to GHS herself and managed by her sister.

The Manolin Cafe Gallery------ it is designed as if GHS cared about every inch and every little nooks and crannies. The blogger also mentioned how warm it felt in there with the afternoon sun peeking in. Even from all the pix, it gives me a feeling of being at a nice and cozy home where you can be just yourself there....

It also feels a little like not only a little girl's doll house (stuffed cat pillows and antique looking miniature furnitures) but also a little boy's play house (leggo pieces, Disney characters and I see an airplane on top of books.) It does not look fancy but simple and down to earth and yet ever so elegant in its own way--like the designer GHS herself.

Maybe she can even have a piano there at a corner somehwere. It kind of reminds me of the artsy Village or SoHo in NYC of USA where many artists and young people gather....and what a wonderful idea to have an art gallery on the first floor----it is a miniature museum with its own cafe upstairs.

From mint

When I first saw the pictures of the cafe, I wanted to go there as well! It's quaint and cozy. (We don't really have those kind of cafes where I come from.) The furnitures are mismatching on purpose but surprisingly, they fit together as a whole... and there are toys and books to keep you occupied.

credits: mintcar/susamerica/, DC, Naver, Daum

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