Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#10. Goo Hye Sun: Beauty and Talent Beyond Compare

Goo Hye Sun: Beauty and Talent Beyond Compare

The Actress, Artist, Writer, Director, Singer/Composer/Musician, Endorser, (Silent) Charity Worker, Interior Designer (?) and Entrepreneur

How do I admire thee?

Let me count the ways…

I admire thee for being gifted with breathtaking beauty that is not only external but more than skin-deep as well.

I admire thee for the multitude of talents that continuously inspire many hopefuls to reach dreams and conquer greater heights.

I admire thee for the unwavering courage and strength in beating the odds that comes along the way.

And most of all, I admire thee for the modesty and unassuming nature despite the glamour of a celebrity status and countless feathers on the hat...

With all these distinctive traits, I can’t help but admire thee with awe.

For your upcoming birthday, I pray for the continuous outpour of blessings from above and a life filled not only with success and fulfilment but happiness that you truly deserves.


  1. Yeah, she's a Jack of all trade but Master of none! All I can say is she ought to be very thankful and grateful to the Producer of BOF.

  2. im malaysian and i want to say dat she is the best actress that i know in my life,,can i know if she has blog or anything such as ms or fb??
    how i can connect wif her???