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Recent Articles on Kim Bum

Kim Bum Changed After He Got Famous?

In a recent interview, Kim Bum revealed how he felt when people spread rumors that he changed after he got famous. Kim Bum has worked hard to get where he is now, he took on small roles in various TV shows and movies but his hard work paid off when he made it big after the show Boys Over Flowers. After Boys Over Flowers, Kim Bum was not only asked to be in new TV and movie projects but also many commercials. After becoming better known to the public, people spread rumors about Kim Bum saying he became arrogant when his popularity grew.

Kim Bum said, "I heard about the rumor and though I found it unfair, there must be a reason this rumor started. Smoke can't come out of a house without fire and I will try to understand why people are saying this about me. I acknowledge that this rumor did not come out of nowhere and I'll try to reflect on what might've started this rumor. I am not perfect and if I ever acted immature, cold-hearted, or rude, I want to say sorry."
Even though he apologized he still stated that it is a bit uncalled for for people to say that about him. "I don't like the fact that people who have never met me make up lies about me." He expressed how hurt he was from this rumor.

No worries for Kim Bum since he still has many fans who support him. But it must be hard for celebrities to hear lies about them constantly. Especially the ones that make them look bad.


Kim Bum at fan signing event for Bonjuk’s 7th Anniversary

To commemorate Bonjuk's 7th year anniversary, they arranged for their CF model and actor, Kim Bum to have a fan signing session this morning, 12th September at their Myeondong outlet. 200 lucky customers turned up to get a signed Bonjuk poster, with Kim Bum's picture.

It was a shame that Kim So Eun, who is also Bonjuk's CF model, wasn't asked along for this event which would have made it hotter.


Jung Il Woo & Kim Bum returns for cameos in High Kick Through the Roof

Actor and heartthrob Kim Bum, who was filming for SBS Dream, revealed in an interview that Kim Byung Woo PD made a love call to both him and Jung Il Woo and had asked them to be cameos in season 2 High Kick Through the Roof.

For those of you who don't know by now, the new sitcom, which has been broadcasting for only a week now, is a season 2 from the old "Unstoppable High Kick!" in 2006.

Whether or not the two will carry on the same roles from Unstoppable High Kick! is still unsure, as their roles as cameos have not been discussed yet.

When asked "Would you like to try a sitcom again?", Kim Bum answered, "The genre of sitcom is very attractive. If I had the chance, I would like to try it again. The sitcom's filming place has this atmosphere, where you get this feeling of overreacting to try to be funny. I sometimes want to feel that kind of atmosphere again."

Aren't you fangirls excited?!

On a side note, with his hard effort and even losing 8kg from half a month of filming Dream, Kim Bum revealed his sorrow for the poor ratings of his drama. He commented, "I'm disappointed from the low viewers rating, but people around me gave good reviews of the drama itself so it's ok."


Kim Bum Idolizes Jo In Sung

During an interview for the hit new drama “Dream,” actor Kim Bum has assertively declared veteran actor Jo In Sung as his idol and the one star that he’d most like to emulate.

Kim Bum stated, “Jo In Sung is very similar to me in that his acting debut was through a sitcom. He was then able to participate in successful dramas like “Piano” and become widely accepted as a top star. As I witnessed his progress, I thought to myself that I’d love to be just like him and learn from him.”

Even before Kim Bum’s debut, he enjoyed watching Jo In Sung’s acting. He then confessed that he watched and analyzed not only Jo In Sung’s acting skills, but his every move- even in his personal life.

When asked if he ever thought about returning to sitcoms, Kim Bum stated that sitcoms are such a fun genre, and given the opportunity, he’d love to try it out again. Specifically, he liked the fact that sitcoms make people laugh and feel happy.

Kim Bim shows off his acting versatility and professionalism through his different roles. On this particular day, Kim endured the grueling task of shooting action scenes outdoors and receiving numerous blows from his opponent during a boxing match. Considering the amount of love he has been receiving, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kim Bum’s success were to one day surpass that of his idol. The respect these colleagues have for each other is admirable!

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