Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mnet Wide News- Lee Min Ho& Park Shin Hye @ Etude New CF Shoot Interview (08/31/09)

In the genial afternoon, meeting good man and woman couple at a studio in Seoul.

LMH Hello, the viewers of M-net wide entertainment news. I'm LMH.
PSH Glad to meet you. I'm PSH.

Two meet each other as the cosmetic cf shooting and feel shy, even if it is not the first.

Reporter: Both of you are smiling. It seems that you like each other.
LMH You try to induce us to make a scandal, don't you? (laughing)

Q How do you feel about each other?

PSH LMH oppa is sentimental and comfortable to be around. He can get 120 points out of 100.

LMH In fact, I'm also young so I was worried about dealing with youngsters. Though she is young, she is both mature and lively so (it seems that) it's comfortable and interesting to be with.

Reporter: What grades out of 100 is she?

LMH 130 points out of 100(did you say I was 120 points?). 130 points.

LMH cf line : We should be careful of only air brusher.

Q What is the concept of cf shooting today?

PSH Men think women look beautiful with air brusher but this time, it is the concept that a boyfriend allows himself in his girlfriend because of the moisture.

LMH You can look moist.

The models are glib enough to feel buying a pig in a poke (impulse buying)

Reporter You are worth being the cosmetic models.

LMH Your face looks moist.

Reporter Because I rubbed it to my face secretly.^^

Q Especially this brand has to be expressed cute feeling. We would like to see PSH's expression as it is the symbol of pretty and lively face.

PSH Choc Choc Choc(Choc means moist) Balm Balm Balm

LMH She looks cute.

Reporter LMH shouldn't remain still. You need do it together because of the couple.

LMH I just acted on surprising looking.

(Expecting LMH's surprising acting.)

LMH (He is laughing as his acting is awkward.)

Q What is the next plan?

PSH I will come back to the televiewers sooner or later.

LMH So will I with a good work.

PSH More pleased to greet for a long time. I hope you look forward to me as I'm trying to let you show better acting from now on.

credits: loveminho.com, ying5387isme/mewo13131313@youtube.com

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