Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lee Min Ho: "No Problem in the Overseas Promotions"

English Translation by loveminho.com:

Even though many of domestic and overseas events are cancelled in the aftermath of the new influenza(swine-flu), Lee Min Ho of 'BOF' decided to go ahead with the plan to visit overseas next month. LMH will spare time for an excusive fan-meeting and promotion in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during October. Detailed schedule is not come out yet but he will visit three or four countries and meet overseas fans. However, to avoid any other damages, this time he decided not to visit Thailand where recently occurred a disturbance of fraud for fan meeting.

Starhaus Entertainment, the agent of LMH, said on September 15 "It is true that there are concerns for new influenza, but as long as LMH has been taking enough rest and health management, he will cover the planned events in overseas." and added "He will visit China, Taiwan and Hong Kong." And they explained that they prepare completely against any possible situation, saying "Many fans worry about his frequent trips to abroad but he is in good condition at the moment. We will not set up too hard schedule for him even in overseas."

People started making deep concerns in the overseas trip of LMH who continuously participated in overseas promotions in China and Japan from the ending date of 'BOF' till September 6, since the news broke out that KHJ who played together in the drama was infected with the swine-flu. Therefore, his fans show great concerns for him and send presents such as germicide for hands and mask to his agent.

Also LMH, now staying in Korea, takes enough rest and cares for health management at his home.
Meanwhile, LMH will select a drama as his next work. The agent explained the reason for the delay in next work because "There was an operation for leg and also prudence in selecting next works." and added "After the drama gained in popularity, some offer for movie casting were suggested. However, it is still the time for learning more, we thought. He is going to take one more drama." They hinted "We are continuously reviewing dramas. And we will conclude about joining drama around the end of the year."

credits: loveminho.com , DC minho & leeminhothailand.com, ml_87@soompi.com

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