Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lee Min Ho for UNICEF (Love Net for Children)

LMH is inaugurated as the Ambassador of UNICEF's Love Net.
English translated by loveminho.com

LMH's message for Love Net

One child every 30 seconds and 3,000 children every day!
At the moment in Africa, one child is dying from malaria every 30 seconds.
It is really a heartbreaking fact.
However, malaria can be surely prevented.
The solution is the very mosquito net - Love Net!
Mosquito net can be a solid protection to keep the lives of African children.
Our small love can make very strong Love Net malaria can never break into.
Now, please join me, LMH, to knit the Love Net for protecting young lives.


credits: chiara@soompi.com, minofied/natali@youtube.com, loveminho.com + as labeled

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