Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Koo Hye Sun’s Face Has Netizens Roaring

Actress Goo Hye Sun, also known as the "Jack of All Trades Beauty" these days, has netizens roaring over her natural, creamy complexion.

Goo Hye Sun recently posted on her minihompy pictures of herself without any makeup, supposedly for the first time in a while. Goo Hye Sun's milky skin and gentle smile immediately caught the attention of netizens, who responded by saying, "as expected, a flour doll," and "a doll like no other." Goo Hye Sun's facial features have earned her the title of "representative babyface in all of showbiz."

(OMG!!! i agree.. so pretty face.. so natural.. i love her without makeup... :P so envy.. hihi..)

credit : touchtheskyy@allkpop


  1. It mean she has a natural beauty with make up or with out. What this netizens mean flour doll or a doll like no other. Flour face it mean her face pour with flour. Her round eyes match to her smooth and porceline skin. This netizens they criticese her natural beauty, Look a lot of singers and actress most of them went to plastic surgery and put make up that why they look pretty. Look their face without make up their not same when they have make up. 10% or 20% only have natural beauty of singer and actress. I saw this singer and actress when they young on Youtube their really prettys. The 90% or 80% no. I'm happy that GHS show her natural beauty and a lot of this 90% singer or actress hope they have porceliane skin

  2. Lovely personality, versatile actress, above all love her luminous skin. Hope one day you could visit us here in the Philippines. You one of my Korean faorite actresses.