Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kim Bum : Dream Interview

SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’ has the lowest ratings ever since Kim Bum debut BUT STILL he has a smile on his face.

South Korea actor Kim Bum has been looking really pale for the past one month. During the interview Kim Bum expressed: “Within a month I lost 8kg. I weight about 50kg now.” There still a smile on Kim Bum’s face.

Even though the ratings was low but the shooting atmosphere was good.

Kim Bum acted as a boxer role in the SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’. It was reported that all the fighting scenes were accumulated together and shot once a week. Kim Bum has already shot 3 field fighting scenes during the day of the interview. He said: “I would lost 2kg shooting fighting scenes in one day like today.”

Reporter: You suffered so much filming this drama yet the ratings were so low. Do you feel there is a loss?

Kim Bum: It was really unfortunate that the ratings were so low. However the shooting atmosphere was very good. In fact ever since I debuted, all the Korean TV drama that I have acted do not received low ratings. (Dramas like: East of Eden and Boys Before Flowers)

Kim Bum: Ratings are not everything, however it would bring an impact in the shooting atmosphere, therefore I began to worry. But the atmosphere at the shooting scene was very good and all the actors were getting more serious in filming. I met good actors this time and I wish to have another opportunity to work with them again.

Reporter: Do you develop any tacit understanding skills when acting with Joo Jin Mo and Son Dam Bi?

Kim Bum: I’m very worried about how I can get closer to Joo Jin Mo before I met him. However he can live up the atmosphere at the shooting scene. Son Dam Bi was very serious exercising in the lounge, So I don’t even have the time to joke with her. She has desired in acting. I’m regretted to say that this should be a memorable debut drama for her, so I hope the drama would ends with a good result.

credit : hying@koreanclicks

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